Money + Launches with Emma Winch from Morris Bear Digital

Money + Launches with Emma Winch from Morris Bear Digital

Show notes

This is Em.

An Australian WordPress expert and website designer for female entrepreneurs all over the world. She helps you to launch and grow successful online empires and become financially independent.

She works 1:1 with clients to create website designs, online courses and sales funnels that make sure that your ideal clients know who you are, fall in love with your brand and trust you from the second they land on your home page so that you can charge premium rates, sell out your services and spend more time doing the things you love!

I reached out to Em to help me with some broken back links from one of my websites about 3.5 years ago and that has transpired to her helping me to bring to life the empire I have around in my head as well as become a trusted friend. In this episode as we drove down the highway and the conversation transpired I asked Em if I could record our chat to share with you all. We had so many AH HA moments, its unreal. This was a powerful conversation for both of us that has completely transformed so many thoughts and beliefs we thought we had about business. 

To find out more about Em, just jump on over You can also snag her website templates here. (You can view the one my assistant created with her template here too!) 

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