Grounding Ourselves, Adapting Business and Making Money

Grounding Ourselves, Adapting Business and Making Money

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A quick drop in about grounding ourselves, adapting your business and money in these times.

First, take a deep breathe. Let’s breathe and get back into our body.

In all of the calamity during what can feel like a really crazy time, what IS a really crazy time, I wanted to remind you:

To step back into your body. That the way you make money isn’t defined by your identity, your niche. How you serve yourself impacts how you serve your clients.

I encourage you to shift your thinking just a little bit. Extend and expand the way you make money. How you serve your clients and your business in this time is completely up to you. Ground yourself.  Because when we are grounded, our clients are grounded.

So let’s ground ourselves and think about: What are you doing to serve your clients? How are you connecting with them? How are you serving yourself so you can serve your clients? How can you move the goalposts in how you make money? How can you reframe this time and use it to keep yourself motivated?

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Lacey x

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