Consistency is NOT key

Consistency is NOT key

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What is consistency and what does that mean for you?

I am a firm believer that consistency is NOT key and, in this episode, I want to tell you why.

I don’t believe that consistency is the key to solving all of our problems. We think that if we, as Birth Photographers, consistently show up to certain spaces- midwives offices, doctors offices, mums groups, birth meet ups, social media, that someone will eventually book us. Whilst yes, that is true to an extent, I really believe that consistency is designed in a way that suppress creatives because, as creatives, we are not consistent. So why are we trying to force ourselves to conform to the idea that consistency is key?

I am calling bullshit on consistency being key. It is not about how frequently you show up. It’s about HOW you show up.

There is a difference between being consistent and showing the fuck up. Being consistent is something you do because you HAVE to do it. Being consistent in your energy and how you show up and why you show up is actually more important than consistently showing up.

So why are we doing it? Because someone told us we have to? Or because we want to? Being consistent for the sake of it is just another form of an energy leak. It’s a mainstream idea. If what you are doing doesn’t feel good and you’re doing it consistently but its not getting you to where you want to go, don’t do it.

I'd rather see you plug this energy leak and invest that energy into something that DOES work, does feel good and that is in alignment. In alignment with your message, your brand, your voice, your people and the people who follow you. THAT is where results come!

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