"Charge Your Worth" is Bullshit

"Charge Your Worth" is Bullshit

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A quick drop in about charging your worth and why it is bullshit.

Let’s change our perspective on pricing.

Are people undercutting you?

Or are they just serving a different market?

Birth Photographers, Doulas, Midwives and birth workers all love their work. We think everyone deserves to have their birth documented and supported, which I believe is true. But when it comes to “sales" (and I use the erm “sales” very lightly) there is a new trend going on around “Charging your worth”. And I’m calling bullshit. Sustainability and worth are two totally different things.


We believe everybody deserves birth photography but we are not accepting of everyones pricing structures. If we truly believe that birth photography is meant for everyone, and this is what I believe, then we need people and businesses to be charging at different price points.

I don’t care if you are charging $1 or $10,000. There is somebody in your market that needs you.

I want you to remember that.

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Lacey Barratt

Lacey Barratt

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